Cholestasis During Your Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, be prepared for significant changes in your body. Though most of these are normal changes caused by your shifting hormones and growing stomach, there are some changes that warrant a call to your OBGYN. If you suddenly experience significant itchiness, especially on your hands and feet, this may be a sign of cholestasis. What Is Cholestasis? Cholestasis is a condition that prevents the normal flow of bile from the liver. Though the exact cause of cholestasis is not known, it is theorized that hormonal shifts are in part to blame. The additional hormones during pregnancy may make Read More →

Some Reasons You Might Need To Deliver Your Baby With C-Section

If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, you’re probably already thinking about the big day when your baby will be born. You may be concerned about the possibility of having a C-section. While C-sections are fairly common, they are reserved for times when a normal delivery may cause harm to you or your baby. Here are some possible complications of pregnancy that might cause your obstetrician to recommend a C-section delivery. Problems With The Placenta With a natural delivery, the baby comes out first and the placenta follows behind. If the placenta moves into the wrong position towards the end Read More →

4 Tips For Getting A Mammography Completed

Taking the time to do things for your health is important. One effective way for women to combat the possibility of getting breast cancer is by getting a mammogram. The benefits of you having this testing done include detecting any signs of cancerous cells at the earliest stages to enable you to get the life-saving treatment that is necessary. The good news is that a mammogram isn’t painful, but knowing tips to prepare you for this process in advance can be helpful. Tip #1: Avoid caffeine It’s in your best interest to reduce the amount of caffeine you ingest a Read More →