Cholestasis During Your Pregnancy


When you're pregnant, be prepared for significant changes in your body. Though most of these are normal changes caused by your shifting hormones and growing stomach, there are some changes that warrant a call to your OBGYN. If you suddenly experience significant itchiness, especially on your hands and feet, this may be a sign of cholestasis. What Is Cholestasis? Cholestasis is a condition that prevents the normal flow of bile from the liver.

14 February 2017

Some Reasons You Might Need To Deliver Your Baby With C-Section


If you've just found out you're pregnant, you're probably already thinking about the big day when your baby will be born. You may be concerned about the possibility of having a C-section. While C-sections are fairly common, they are reserved for times when a normal delivery may cause harm to you or your baby. Here are some possible complications of pregnancy that might cause your obstetrician to recommend a C-section delivery.

9 January 2017

4 Tips For Getting A Mammography Completed


Taking the time to do things for your health is important. One effective way for women to combat the possibility of getting breast cancer is by getting a mammogram. The benefits of you having this testing done include detecting any signs of cancerous cells at the earliest stages to enable you to get the life-saving treatment that is necessary. The good news is that a mammogram isn't painful, but knowing tips to prepare you for this process in advance can be helpful.

4 August 2016

Hormones And Health: How PCOS Affects Menopause


Menopause by itself can be a rather odd and (at times) frustrating condition, but when you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), it can be a little more tricky to figure out exactly what effects your PCOS will have on this time in your life. So what do you have to look forward to as you're approaching menopause? If you have PCOS and are wondering what effects it will have on you when you reach menopause, then here's what you need to know.

4 July 2016

Baby Got Back: Natural Treatment For Back Pain During Pregnancy


Once your first trimester ends, it may feel like the worst part of pregnancy is over. Morning sickness lightens up, your hormones begin to balance out, and so on. Unfortunately, your back may begin aching during your late second trimester and third trimester. As your baby continues to thrive, pressure on your lower back increases. Like many pregnant mamas, you may want to avoid medication and chemical treatments for this discomfort.

27 June 2016

Birth Control And Abnormal Bleeding: 3 Reasons Why Your Birth Control Isn't Agreeing With You


Most women can take birth control without incident. However, some women experience spotting, which is normal, or non-stop bleeding, which is not normal, while on birth control. In some cases, the bleeding can get quite bad and resemble a full-fledged menstrual cycle that never stops. If you're experiencing bleeding while taking birth control, your doctor may need to make some adjustments or they may simply want to wait it out to see if things change, depending on the underlying cause of your bleeding.

23 June 2016

How Birth Control Pills Can Help A Teen's Menstrual Cycle Issues


If your teen daughter complains to you often about issues relating to her menstrual cycle, you may want to take her to a gynecologist to find out if birth control pills could help. Even if your daughter is not sexually active, taking birth control pills can be a great solution for common issues that teen girls struggle with that are all related to their menstrual cycles. What issues do teens often face with their menstrual cycles?

20 June 2016