Why You Need To Go To An OBGYN To Confirm Pregnancy


Do you suspect that you might be pregnant? Perhaps you have several symptoms or just might not be feeling like your "normal self." In early pregnancy, fatigue, aversion to certain food and odors, mood swings, sore breasts, and frequent urination are common symptoms. However, the most alarming sign that most people notice is a missed period. As alarming as it may be, many people may continue to be in denial about being pregnant. There are pregnancy tests available in most pharmacies that can detect pregnancy. Some of these products can detect the pregnancy hormone even if a period has not been missed. Despite being reliable, they are not foolproof. False-positive readings can occur. The most accurate way to determine if you are pregnant is to schedule an appointment with an OBGYN doctor.

Why do you need to get a test performed at a medical facility if several tests show a positive reading?

If you have taken several tests and they all have positive readings, you are likely pregnant. However, you might not be. It is possible for pregnant people to have spontaneous abortions. This phenomenon can occur when conception occurs but the body's defenses terminate the pregnancy. The hormones that the over-the-counter tests check might still be present in urine after a spontaneous abortion. Pregnancy tests performed in doctor's offices are more reliable and can be followed up with other tests to confirm pregnancy.

What other tests besides urine are available to detect pregnancy?

An OBGYN doctor can order blood tests. The tests, along with the time of the last menstrual cycle, can be used to estimate how far along a pregnancy is. In a true pregnancy, hormones go up rather than decline. The original hormone calculation is used for comparison at future maternity care appointments. It can be used as a benchmark to determine if a growing baby is still alive. 

Most people are aware that they will have ultrasounds at some point during their pregnancy if they seek maternity care services. Sometimes ultrasound testing is scheduled outside of routine testing. This may be done to confirm gestation. Some people can get pregnant while on birth control or may have irregular menstrual cycles. To ensure proper maternity care and to identify any pregnancy risks, the obstetrician may order ultrasounds. 

Maternity care is important for pregnant patients and their babies. An OBGYN maternity care facility is a good resource to use to prepare for a healthy baby. It can ensure that health issues are identified in a timely manner. Nutritional deficiencies and other issues can be detected. Lives have been saved due to early intervention of life-threatening pregnancy conditions like pre-eclampsia.

For more information, contact a local OB office, like Ob-Gyne Associates of Libertyville.


10 November 2021

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