4 Tips For Getting A Mammography Completed


Taking the time to do things for your health is important. One effective way for women to combat the possibility of getting breast cancer is by getting a mammogram. The benefits of you having this testing done include detecting any signs of cancerous cells at the earliest stages to enable you to get the life-saving treatment that is necessary. The good news is that a mammogram isn't painful, but knowing tips to prepare you for this process in advance can be helpful.

Tip #1: Avoid caffeine

It's in your best interest to reduce the amount of caffeine you ingest a few days before getting this testing completed. Too much caffeine restricts blood vessels which can increase breast soreness.

Tip #2: Forego deodorant

You may put on your underarm deodorant before heading out the door most days. However, on the day of your mammography, it's best to avoid putting this on your body.

Additionally, you should also avoid putting lotion on your chest or around your breasts. The reason for this is that either of these products could cause an inaccurate reading of the mammography.

Tip #3: Wear two pieces

It's ideal to wear the right clothing when you're getting the prevention test completed. This will make getting in and out of your appointment so much easier.

Be sure to wear a blouse with a skirt, pants or shorts. You will only need to get undressed from the waist up and wearing a two piece outfit can make your appointment go much easier for you.

Tip #4: Take ibuprofen

Many women delay getting a mammography due to fear of pain. However, this is a relatively painless process that normally takes 15-45 minutes for completion.

However, taking ibuprofen before going to your appointment can reduce any discomfort that you may have.  You can purchase this medication at any drugstore or grocery store in your area, and it doesn't require a prescription to do so. 

The benefits of getting a mammography are many, and you're sure to feel better after receiving the results of this testing. It's ideal to know what to do in order to make your appointment go as smoothly as possible. Be sure to speak to your OBGYN and go to sites about mammograms to assist you finding the best location to get this preventative testing completed as necessary based on your age or any unusual symptoms you may be having. 


4 August 2016

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