2 Herbal Teas To Help Reduce Headaches During Hormone Replacement Therapy


During menopause, the fluctuation in your hormone levels can cause your body to change in a number of ways. You may begin to experience hot flashes, increased oral bacteria growth, and other negative side effects. In order to help you deal with these changes, your doctor may suggest hormone replacement therapy. The process involves injecting estrogen into your body in order to reduce these menopause symptoms. While the therapy can be effective for treating menopause symptoms, you may experience more headaches during this time. These headaches should subside on their own. However, there are a few herbal teas that you can use to ease the pain until then.

Peony Root Tea

Peonies have long been used in herbal tea recipes because of their analgesic properties. The plant can be used to soothe aches and pains throughout your entire body. In order to create the herbal tea, you will need dried peony root. You can find this ingredient in a health food store in your area. Add a spoonful of the dried root to a medium-sized cup. Fill the cup with boiling hot water and allow the root to soak for several minutes. Strain the root, once the tea cools. Add a slice of lemon and a spoonful of maple syrup for added taste. Drink the peony root tea after each meal in order to reduce any current headaches and to prevent additional headaches.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint oil is commonly used as a topical treatment for headaches and other pain. The essential oil works well because peppermint is also a natural analgesic. The herb offers relief for some of the toughest and strongest pains. A simple peppermint tea can be created by adding a handful of fresh peppermint leaves to a small pot of water. Set the temperature to medium and allow the mixture to boil. Add a few spearmint leaves to the pot. Remove the pot from the stove once it boils and strain the leaves. Add several drops of lemon juice, then drink the herbal tea. Drink the tea throughout the day, but make sure to drink it first thing in the morning and before bed. You should begin to notice a reduction in your headache within a few hours of drinking the tea.

Hormonal replacement therapy can be an effective way to get your menopause symptoms under control. Dealing with headaches during this time can make the process frustrating. Therefore, use these tips to help alleviate any discomfort caused by headaches. To learn more, speak to someone like Bay Area Women's Care.


20 June 2016

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